Saturday, August 20, 2011

By the laws of the universe

My father Dr.P.N.Srinivasarao was a man who made me think out of the box. The time 4am to 6am every morning was a learning.
He grew up with the precinct of the Udupi temple, where the Madhwa siddanta rules supreme. One thing Madhwa Acharya taught his students and they conveniently forgot is the power to question, and reason. Even with Vayu jeevothama and Hari Sarvothama, ie air is life sustaining and the Lord is all pervading, the intellect was free to think, understand and interpret.
One of the many things he told is the translation of the Einstein’s law, and its metaphysical manifestation. We are but microcosms, of the all pervading macrocosm. This is best illustrated as the co-related visual of the solar system and the atomic structure.
Whether we acknowledge it or not we are made of these atomic structures giving us energy in various forms, the thermal, the electric, chemical etc. so are all living creatures. Energy is neither created, nor destroyed. Which means the energy destroyed by the devastation of animals, birds, flora and fauna has to transform. The only thing that seem to explode is mankind, so these energies are transformed into human energies, debasing man, the laws of the jungle have began to take over. But there is loss of the animal integrity as that social support is no longer there. The social support and learning is human.
So we have begun vandalizing nature with animal strength and human intellect. This also made him understand and accept the changing human instincts and values.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

coming togather

Coming together.
When there is a disaster or emergency like people come together, lend a helping hand.
But is that the only time we need to get tighter?
Humans seem to come together only on face of a tragedy, it’s then the lending hand comes. This experience is often a life changing one for those is welling to turn helpers or care givers. We feel like we are finally doing something relevant, or important. We feel more connected to the people we help and humanity in general.
We find that it is easier to be happy when we are motivated in an effort to make the world a better place considering the benefits of kind gestures it is surprising we do not devote more of our lives to serve people. This could be because a small action of kindness does not create wave energy.
Maybe it is time we shifted little bit from our sports and movie icons and lauded the real heroes.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

on sight and vision

On sight and vision.
My father Dr.Srinivasarao P.N. was an ophthalmologist. This was how he explained vision and sight to me.
Sight is the capacity to see the physical world and vision is the gift to see beyond it.
Sight allows up to perceive colours, shapes, size and participate with knowledge. It helps us to feel in control allowing us to see what is coming towards us, where we are headed and which way we are going.
Ask a person who has lost their eyesight. Things are clearer when you cannot see through your eyes that are the reason why meditation gurus ask us to close our eyes. That’s when the vision takes over, external distraction is shut off. Vision navigates our thought, feeling and emotions. It enables us to see things that are not yet manifested, in the world of form. It also connects us to ourselves that exists separately from the world of form.
As we are our sight diminishes, sharpening the vision this is probably the time for us to step back and start on that journey that cannot be mapped. We need to rely on our intuition to take us on the journey of the spirit.

Monday, August 8, 2011

life in a small

Life in a small town.
In an urban set up we are so busy running from point A to point B we forget to enjoy the journey.
Like ants we are busy rushing around at such terrible speed that we don’t pay attention to leaves on the shrubs and clouds in the sky. We prefer ATM’s and online banking it saves us the travel time and the effort to smile at the cashier.
In this mad physical rush does not allow soul to enjoy life. People in the cities reveal in the rush, it gives them a sense of achievement and empowers them with the confidence that they can do so many things.
But it is the people of the small town who move at slower paces who have fuller lives. They have time for themselves, the security of relationship, familiar strangers etc.
Its not that the people in the city do not or cannot life a full life it is just that it takes a little more effort to be aware of things.
One simple thing would e everyday take time of for 10mnts. Look around notice the nature around you. Cultivate people like the assistant at the mart. Those people who travel in the train or the bus with you. You will find the same small town gifts even in the city.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Row row row a boat,

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream.

We have hummed this ditty long enough. How profound. Life is a dream, and illusion, something like a play where we all act out our roles. Yet we take our achievements, or failures, so seriously.

How nice it would be if could be aware that this is a dream and walk through it with all awareness. There are lot of people who do it, when there is a surprise spring they enjoy it, it is a surprise sprung on them then they improvise.

Improvisation is like making a choice. The more we accept the illusionary accept of life, the more lighter we become, and less judgemental on ourselves, others and the planet. Its only then we can play with shadow cast by the projection without being bogged down by the onus of success and failure.

on goes the river, and outpast the mills
away down the valley and away from hills.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Feeling Lonely

Feeling lonely

There are days when we all feel lonely this idea comes from the notion that we are separate from others, and that we are mutually disconnected from one another. But we cannot really be separate from the world; we are like the fish swimming in water. But when we begin to define our boundaries what we see as solid is actually porous it’s difficult to say where our skin ceases and air begins. Look at the we way we are affected by atmosphere. When it is dry our skin dries, when it is humid we sweat our skin becomes moist and supple.

By the same logic it is difficult to separate one person from the other after all we entwined by our action on the subtle plane we pick up people’s energy whether we mean to or not. We tend to attune to surrounding moods contagious.

This could be the reason the guru’s ask us to align towards positive energy or focus on light like meditating facing the sun in the morning. The sun the egoless nurturer could inspire us to dissolve our ego.

We could work on the porous to feel the oneness with all. Then we can appreciate that we are not really alone.